I realized, like Zoid, that I’ve been talking a lot about the “politics that annoy them” part of my comic’s tagline, but not so much about the “TV” and “geeks” parts. And so, we return – albeit, probably briefly – to some television geekery.

As for the events mentioned in the strip, I don’t want to give out too many actual spoilers. Some might say the entire strip spoils stuff, but if you didn’t yet know the Ponds were permanently leaving Who, you either A) Don’t care one iota about the show, or 2) Live without the Internet. So, since those in category A wouldn’t care less, and those in category 2 probably wouldn’t be reading a webcomic either, I figured I was safe. ;)

In semi-related matters, for her birthday, I got the Eponymous Neaner the complete DVD box-set of David “The 10th Doctor” Tennant’s run on the show. It’s interesting to see just how young and exuberant he seems as compared to Matt “#11″ Smith’s manic, but immeasurably old, Doctor. River Song even comments on it the first time we meet her.