Yeah, tonight’s strip is absolutely based on real life. Not the best of physicals today.

And on another topic, I’d like to make an announcement. After nearly 10 years, and over 400 strips, Zoidland will soon be ending. I’ve been pondering this decision for quite some time, and I truly believe it’s for the best. The characters’ lives as they exist now have become very far removed from my own experience, and I’ve found it harder and harder to write for them. The obvious solution is to make some significant changes to their lives, but I can’t quite do that within the confines of the strip as it stands. So, that leaves me but one real choice: Bringing things to a close.

Thank you all, Friends, for chuckling at my scribbles, for reading my rants, and most importantly, for your support over the years. Please be aware, though, that I’m not going away. I’ve still got my continued work with Jeremy Bentley on The Ouro Bros, as well as The Social Life of Frank & Linh over at Ken Mueller’s blog. And…who knows? I might have something brand new for all of you before long. That’s the hope, in any case.

But for now, thanks again, truly and sincerely. And good night.