When Jeff started this comic, we were kids. Silly kids in love. Jeff had been drawing little comics to make me laugh since the beginning of our relationship, and I encouraged him to share that laughter with the world. Zoidland was always about making me laugh — an expression of Jeff’s love for me.

And life changed for us in the past ten years. We have added two amazing kiddos to our family. And schedules have become more chaotic as our family has grown. And the characters in Zoidland have stayed essentially the same. It’s time for them to leave the nest and find their path in the world. Time for them to allow Jeff time and space to focus on the changes in his world, both in his art and his family life.

Guess what! Even though Zoidland is departing, Jeff and I are still just silly kids in love. We will continue to conquer worlds together — and to laugh while we do it. There are always new experiences to be had and more journeys to take, both as a family and as a comic and with his Eponymous Neaner.

Thanks for hanging in with us, and stay tuned for the next big adventure! Jeff will always be determined to make me laugh, and I will always be determined to share that laughter with the world.